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About Us

About Us

Proje Design's Story

In every work Proje Design Architecture team interprets the nature of locality to universal nature of design, by taking into account employer-function, function-form, form-place, place-user harmony in the processes of architectural creation.

The founders of Proje Design architect Seda Bildik (MA) ve architect Selçuk Erdoğmuş; in many projects in Turkey and abroad practised this creation alternatives by taking place in support of mainly of nature, then of city and of actual architectural heritage rather than dominance over the planet World.

Seda Bildik Erdoğmuş

  • Born in 1971 in İstanbul.
  • Graduated from MSÜ Archictecture Faculty in 1995.
  • Postgraduated from YTÜ Archictecture Faculty in 1998.
  • Works in Proje Dizayn Mimarlık since 1995.


  • YEM Stand Award - 2001
  • Chamber of Architects, XI. National Architecture Award - 2007

With idea presentation of project “Cihangir’s Children” within Cihangir Embellishment Association

Selçuk Erdoğmuş

  • Born in 1968 in Ankara.
  • Finished Galatasaray High School in 1987’de.
  • Graduated from MSÜ Architecture Faculty in 1994.
  • Works in Proje Dizayn Mimarlık since 1995.


  • YEM Stand Award - 2001


  • Galatasaray Sport Club Board Member,
  • Galatasaray Education Foundation Vakfı Board of Trustees Member,
  • Galatasaraylılar Solidarity Foundation Board Member,
  • Galatasaraylılar Association 1988-1990 period Board Member,
  • Türk Folklor Kurumu 2003-2005 ve 2009-2011 Board Member,
  • İnternational Festivals Association Founding Member,
  • İnternational Büyükçekmece Festival Committee Member,
  • Cihangir Embellishment Association 2008-2012 (2 period) President,
  • Taksim Gezi Association Founding Member and 2012-2014 Board of Inspection Memnber,
  • Beyoğlu District Association Platform 2010-2014 spokesman,
  • Beyoğlu City Council 2010-2012 Executive Board Member,
  • Pera Culture, Art and Life Association President,
  • Sea Protectors Association Board Member.

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