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Ifri Factory Management Buildings are located in Algeria, Bejaia Ighzer Amokrane district’s Ifri Village. It is a local company producing natural and mineral water, drinks with or without gas. It accomodates 780 people employees.

The project was developed following an international competition invitation, where it won the first prize. The realization process started four years later, in 2010.

The meeting room in the shape of a water drop, risen above the ground with the help of its feet, which is placed in the courtyard of the management building ,is the only curvilinear element of the complex consisting of two large and two small buildings.

Client entrance to the administrative units located near the existing factory building is from the main artery road, while the staff entrance is from the side road. The management building is five storeys high, including the basement floor and includes a covered prking area, a showroom, offices and meeting rooms. Due to the lack of hotels in Algeria, two guest rooms, along with a restaurant and a bar were added to the planning.

Design Team Selçuk Erdoğmuş, Seda Bildik Erdoğmuş, Serpil Tuna, Bora Yorulmaz, Şule Ertürk
Employer Ifri Ltd. Şirketi
Location CEZAYİR
Project Type Ofis&Ticari
Project Date 2010-2011
Total Area 21.090 m²

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