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The setting where the land wass located and crowded roads around played an important role in the formation of the project carried out for Turkey Union of Notaries Central Building and Cultural- Social Foundation.

We treid to create a structure coherently bearing social foundation, Administrative departments and cultural facilities within itself by resorting to the dynamics arising from the clash between all of these different concepts.

While building an urban wall to protect the members from the roads negatiand effects, the same building was used as a complementary element with its shape plainly reflecting the modern face of the Union of Notaries.

Although the buildings of social foundation, Administrative departments and cultural facilities seem to be clearly separate from each other in the design, the intertwined structure of the common spaces and the inner courtyard form an integrated whole. Though the conference hall has a separate entrance, it can easily be used for various purposes by connecting it with the pool outside. Also, while the cafe was designed as a space for the Administrative and cultural activities buildings, it can be connected with the restaurant and these two spaces can be a whole.

Our main criteria in this project was planning a model building in one of the fastest deandloping parts of the city and not neglecting the main elements of a social foundation such as isolation and peace.

• Wall, border...
• Courtyard, place of meeting and separation...
• Administrative building rising vertically...
• Cultural activities foundation added horizontally...
• Social foundation embraced and isolated by the managerial and
cultural activities foundation...

Equipe de Design Selçuk Erdoğmuş, Seda Bildik Erdoğmuş, Serpil Tuna, Güçlü Palabıyık
Maître d'Ouvrage TNB
Type de Projet Eğitim&Kültür Yapıları
Date du Projet 2003
Surface à Batir 14.000 m²

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